Tenrod's main product range.
Tenrod services Australia and New Zealand for the following manufacturers.
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For hearing instrument components.
Sonion is a global leader in design of advanced miniature components and solutions for hearing instruments and advanced acoustics. Sonion's product range includes balanced armature receivers, high-end microphones and electromechanical components for the hearing instruments and high-end audio headsets.
For LEDs, general and related products.
Kingbright, founded in 1980, is one of Taiwan’s LED pioneers and one of the top-three LED packagers in Taiwan. Kingbright has a comprehensive range ot LEDs. Kingbright has five manufacturing plants with a monthly production rate of 800-million LEDs per month. Kingbright maintains the highest quality standards, recognized with ISO 9001 quality, TS 16949 automotive, and ISO 14001 environmental certifications. 
For LEDs, automotive quality
DOMINANT Opto Technologies, established in 2000, is a dynamic Malaysian Corporation that is amongst the world’s leading SMT LED manufacturers. Dominant offers a comprehensive SMT LED range to cater for product segments for automotive, consumer, communications and industrial applications.
For LEDs, high power and UV
SemiLEDs patented and proprietary MvpLED™ design offers advantages in Thermal management, and Optical efficacy, realizing better light quality, lifetime, color consistency, reliability and overall efficiency of the luminaire.
SemiLEDs                http://www.semileds.com/
For LED display and lighting driver ICs
Macroblock offers driver ICs for LED displays, LED lighting and LED power modules. Macroblock is ranked 3rd in the world leading supplier of LED driver ICs by IMS research in 2010.
Macroblock              http://www.mblock.com.tw/
For full range of Capacitors
Iskra offers a vast array of capacitors in numerous application-specific and customer-specific designs. 
For LCDs standard and custom
Clover Display Limited, established in 1983, with a strong R&D team in Hong Kong allows Clover to continuously develop LCD and LCM for new applications with a focus on industrial applications, including control units, energy meters, equipments, automotives, health equipments, medical equipment, home appliances, fax machine/ feature phone, sport coaching meter, thermostats , etc. 
Clover Displays        http://www.cloverdisplay.com/en/
For vacuum fluorescent displays
Manufacturing VFDs since the 1960's
Noritake                  http://www.noritake-itron.jp/eng/index.html
For buzzers, speakers and microphones
DB Products, established in 1976, is a professional acoustic components manufacturer with over 4,000 different models, and is still growing. Components include buzzers, microphones, piezo elements, receivers, speakers, transducers, and ultrasonic components. DB products also welcome special O.E.M. parts and designs from customers.  
For speakers
Amaoto, established in 1988, specialise in manufacturing quality speakers, ranging from diameter 13 to 306mm. Amaoto speakers include miniature speaker/receiver, super thin speaker of  3mm depth (telecommunications, headphone, and computer applications), mid-range speaker/woofer/tweeter, Hi-Fi speakers, car speakers, PA speakers (consumer and audio applications),  Mylar speakers, and stereo headphone/earphone.
Amaoto                  http://www.amaoto.com.tw/
For switches and potentiometers
Alps Electric gets involved right from the development stage, building close partnerships with electronics manufacturers—our customers—to make sure the best electronic components are available at all times.
ALPS                       http://www.alps.com/e/
For toggle switches and more
Salecom with more than 30 years of professional experience, specializes in designing and manufacturing toggle switches, rocker switches, slide switches, push button switch, etc., and has been supplying an extensive range of items to leading brands worldwide.
Salecom                   http://www.salecom.com/
For power switches and AC sockets
Chily founded in 1969 supplies Power Switches and Power Sockets.
Chily                        http://www.chily.com/
For micro switches
ZIPPY Technology Corporation, founded in 1983, supplies microswitches including waterproof switches
Zippy                       http://www.zippy.com.tw/index.aspx#
For connector and jacks
Lih Sheng Precision founded in1975, is one of the largest jack manufacturers, providing a wide range of Jacks ideal for Audio, Video, Mixer, PDA, Computer, CD-ROM, Modem, DVD, Sound card, Telecommunication and other consumer products.
Lih sheng
For custom coils, inductiors, transformer
Himax, founded in 1996, specializes in manufacturing all kinds of transformers, inductors, magnetic locks and other electronic parts and plastic hardware, electrical parts customised for the customer. 
For RF components
Zybis provides products and solutions for extension of wireless coverage into all kinds of indoor and underground environments
Zybis                        http://www.zybis.com/
For Barcode labels and more
2D Barcode Solutions, founded in 2007, specialises in industrial labels, insulation foils, foams, gaskets and all kinds of thin supported and unsupported materials. 
2D Barcode Solutions  http://2dsolutions.ro/