31 Years of Service

Tenrod Australia was founded in June 1987 to serve the electronic manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand with efficient supply of high quality components, assemblies and manufacturing solutions. 

Making Light Work for Electronics Manufacturing

Tenrod Australia Pty Ltd Main Office
tenrodandPCB Consultations & Applications 

Our team of experienced technical, sales and support personnel will assist you seek out and make the best selection for your requirements. We can also provide you with value-added engineering and manufacturing solutions.
Technical Support 

We back our customers with Technical Support in providing technical advice & information for product applications, production processes and troubleshooting.

We are an accredited ISO 9001:2015 company with strict compliance to a quality system for the benefit of our customers, and we similarly impose the same discipline into our supply chain.
Customer Service 

Our Micronet based Distribution and Inventory Management software will enable instant tracking or your orders to process it to your schedules. 

Our wide range of stock will enable fast and flexible delivery to you. Stock items will be delivered to the next day to most parts of Australia.